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In our card making projects section you will find 266 step by step card making projects that you can print off your computer to have at hand when making your card.  You'll find cards for weddings, Christmas, birthdays and other occasions - all with easy to follow instructions.
The instructions for each project are written with the beginner at card making in mind and describe the card exactly as the Craftsite designer made it with hints and tips where appropriate.  More experienced card makers can simply skip these sections of the instructions.

Many card designers have a style of card making so to ensure a variety of different cards for you to make Craftsite uses four regular designers – Madeleine, Mary, Irene, and Linda and also has guest designers to add their styles into the mix notably Jacqui and Margaret.

Amongst the card making projects you will find both simple and more intricate cards using a variety of techniques including stamping, die cutting, embossing, decoupage, and using card toppers – either ready made or made from die cuts.  If you find card projects these days  are only made using a die cutting machine and you don’t have one yet do not worry – we have plenty of projects for you that don’t need a die cutting machine.
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Plus Wedding Stationery Projects

Make your own stunning wedding stationery using our easy to follow step by step projects. Most of the cards can be adapted to suit your own colour theme. You will get the card that you want, in the colours you want at a fraction of the price and have fun making them too.

Plus Special Card Making Projects - Christmas Cards

Make the most stunning Christmas cards by following our step by step instructions
It's never too early to start your Christmas cards and in the Gallery we have designs that will have your friends believing you bought their card from expensive hand made card shops.
You are welcome to print any of the projects and make the cards for your own use. You may also sell the cards you make using our designs. For further information see our Angel Policy.

 All materials used can be found on the Craftsite website.
All materials used can be found in the Craftsite Shop.
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