Card Making Project - Blue Retirement Card
Made by Linda

This is the first card in our series of inexpensive cards to make for those of you who make cards for charity or are on a tight budget.  The card costs 63p to make.

If you don't have a die cutting machine then simply round the corners of the piece of Stardream card used as the mount for the decorative sticker.

To make this card you will need:

Decorative Stickers Birthday Tea
Cuttlebug, Big Shot or Vagabond Die Cutting Machine
Take the A4 Marine Blue Card and, using an Eaziscore board, score down the A5 line and A4 gate fold line. Turn the card round and repeat the procedure.

Using the blue floral paper from the paper pack and double sided tape, glue the floral paper strip to the 2 side panels of the card. Trim the excess paper. From the excess paper cut 2 pieces each measuring 86mm x 27mm. Using double sided tape, glue a strip to the top and bottom of the centre panel.

Take the piece of quartz card, and run through the die cutting machine using the Marianne Creatables frame die. Using photo glue, stick the Stardream Quartz frame to the centre of the central panel

Peel off the self adhesive armchair decorative sticker and position it on the centre of the of the Stardream Quartz frame.

Cut out the retirement sentiment from the mixed sentiment sheet, and attach to the top of the left hand panel using 3D foam pads.

Peel off the self adhesive tea cups from the decorative stickers sheet and position them on the bottom of the right hand panel of the card.


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