What to get Granny for Christmas

October 31st, 2009

Let’s face it, most Grannies have enough ornaments to cover every surface in their house. And, though she may be fond of a tipple, you really don’t want her getting drunk on the sherry again. So here’s a couple of ideas that grannies would really appreciate for Christmas. Firstly, put your card making skills to good use and make her………………

A box of your handmade cards

Grannies usually have lots of family birthdays throughout the year so if you made a selection of your hand made cards and put them in a nice gift box she would have them to hand when the occasion arose. You could even decorate the box.

Secondly, how about……………….

Making her a scrapbook

I would like this for Christmas (daughter please take note!)

Even if you haven’t made a scapbook before, it’s not difficult. Just apply your card making skills to the scrapbook page to enhance the photograph you are using.

Starting one at the end of December is a good idea as then you can include the previous Christmas in the album so it runs from December to November. The scrapbooks (memory albums) that Craftsite sell have 12 page protectors which means that you can do 24 pages that chronicle the year’s events of you and the children. And Granny will be delighted.