Hot Card Making Products for 2012 Weddings

February 23rd, 2012

It’s less than 2 months into 2012 and already the wedding season is in full swing with loads of brides, help by mum or their friends, are beavering away making their own wedding stationery.

So what are this season’s colours? According to one bridal magazine it’s neutrals. Well, maybe the Craftsite brides didn’t read that magazine because the big colour is purple, followed by turquoise, followed by baby blue.  Ribbons, bows, and cards to use as accent card have all been in those colours.  Although both Stardream Crystal and Stardream Opal are still very popular the biggest seller for making wedding invitations is Stardream Quartz.  We have actually sold out of Stardream Quartz envelopes in both the DL and 155 x 155mm square sizes and are having to have some more made.

We have also sold out of, and had to restock, on purple satin ribbon and satin edged lilac organdie ribbon.

Needless to say Royal Purple card and paper is extremely popular both for making cards and for using as an accent colour on wedding stationery. Guess everyone must be teaming their purple or blues with silver because there has also been a big rise in the sale of Silver Mist card.

Simplicity is the key with wedding stationery and the die cut wedding words are very much is demand with perhaps just one or two embellishments. As well as ribbon and bows punched or die cut shapes are being added to wedding invitations and the 3mm pearls are flying out the door.

It always intrigues us when we see an order for what is obviously wedding stationery and we try and imagine how the bride is putting the card making components together so when you’ve finished your invitations why not send us a photo. We’d love to see them.