Soft Grip Scissors

March 31st, 2010

We now stock scissors for card making in 8 inch and 10 inch and a real value multi pack as a result of the must have section pointing out what a must have they are. We really appreciate your comments and take them on board whenever we can.

Extra Long Scissors

March 31st, 2010

When card making you need a large pair of scissors for cutting card and paper and a small pair of scissors specially for decoupage. Linda absolutely swears by her scissors with the 10 inch scissors so we thought we’d better stock them. Extra long, very sharp, and with soft grip handles – what more could a card maker want in a pair of scissors?

Sentiments for all Occasions

March 31st, 2010

A few weeks ago Madeleine was looking for a certain sentiment for the card she was making and just couldn’t find one either on the current sentiments sheets or in peel offs that expressed what she wanted to day. So she had a bright idea. Why not make our own? The result is these mixed sentiments sheets in gold or silver that cover most of the occasions that you will be making a card for. Just to give you an idea, the occasions covered on this sheet of 22 different sentiments are engagement, birthday, anniversary, wedding day, sympathy, birth of baby boy, birth of baby girl, twins, proud grandparents, speedy recovery, congratulations – you’ve passed, retirement, new home, and love and best wishes. We hope we haven’t missed any out – but if we have then let us know.

Beautiful New Card Toppers

March 31st, 2010

These stunning card topper make for easy card making. You get 2 A4 sheets of die cut frames, toppers and sentiments suitable for birthdays and anniversaries. There are 12 die cut frames, 6 die cut toppers, and 6 die cut sentiments. You can use the frames and toppers together or separately. You could use the pictorial toppers on the front of you card and the sentiments inside – or just use them all as toppers. It’s up to you. The ones pictured above are strawberry but they also come in a gorgeous shade of lavender.

Gold Dust Envelopes now in C5 Size

March 30th, 2010

We have just added C5 gold dust envelopes to our range so they are now available in C6, DL, and C5. The C5 size has a peel and seal flap. All the gold dust envelopes are a perfect match for our gold dust card and paper.

C5 envelopes take a creased A5 card, i.e. and A4 card that has been folded in half.

Ribbon and Paper Weaving

March 30th, 2010
Here’s an interesting card making technique. Try weaving with ribbon for a different look to your card. You can also weave with strips of paper. Experiment with different colours and patterns – the principles of weaving are the same whether you use paper or ribbon.
Start off with ribbon as it’s more pliable then paper and you don’t have to cut it into widths first. Once you’ve got the hang of it then move on to using paper.

Madeleine used some blue and some white 7mm wide satin ribbon to make this baby boy card. You will need a craft knife and cutting mat to cut the aperture for the ribbon and some double sided tape for gluing it in place. The card we used was the 300 gsm pearlised Ice Silver to make the frame.

Step 1

Cut a piece if Ice Silver card to 110mm x 110mm square

Step 2

Measure 2 cm from the edge with a ruler and draw a line with a pencil. Do this on all 4 edges.

*Tip: if you have a cutting mat where each square is exactly 1 cm simply line the edge of your piece of card up with one of the lines the on the cutting mat and count 2 lines in then line up your ruler for a perfect 2 cm edge.

Step 3

Using a craft knife and a cutting mat cut out the aperture in the Ice Silver card marked by the pencil lines.

*Tip: Again, if you have a cutting mat with gridlines, line up your pencil lines with one of the lines on your cutting mat. Then line up your metal ruler with the same line for precision cutting.

Step 4

When you have cut all 4 sides with the carft knife you will have your aperture. Apply 6mm double-sided tape to the left had side edge, the top edge, and the bottom edge keeping close to the aperture. Peel the backing tape from the double-sided tape on the left hand edge and top edge tape only. Do not peel the backing from the double-sided tape at the bottom of the aperture.

Step 5

Cut 10 strips of white double-sided satin ribbon in approx. 100mm lengths.

*Tip: Measure the first strip and then use that as the guide when cutting the remaining 9 strips.

Step 6

Lay the white ribbon strips against the double-sided tape on the left hand side of the aperture.

Step 7

Cut 10 strips of blue double-sided satin ribbon in approx. 100mm lengths.

Step 8

Lay the strips of blue double-sided satin ribbon against the double-sided tape on the top side of the aperture.

Step 9

Starting with the top strip of white ribbon, and working from left to right, weave the white ribbon with the blue ribbon weaving over the first and under the next until you reach the right hand edge of the aperture. Keeping the white ribbon taut, and trimming any excess if necessary, glue in place using a tiny piece of double sided tape.

Step 10

Now take the next strip of white ribbon and this time weave it with the blue ribbon weaving under first and then over until you reach the right and side and fix into place.

Step 11

Keep working down the strips of white ribbon alternating the weaving over and unders until all the strips of white ribbon are woven into the blue ribbon and fixed in place.

Step 12

Finally, trim the blue ribbon if necessary, then slowly peel the backing from the double-sided tape on the bottom edge of the aperture, and making sure that the blue ribbon is straight and taut, glue each piece of blue ribbon to the white card as you peel.

Step 13

Attach double-sided foam tape to the edges of the ribbon weaved card and glue in place on the blue card. The card Madeleine used was sky blue marble card.

Step 14

Add your embellishments. Madeleine used the Baby Boy Decorative Stickers.

Big Rounded Corners with this New Punch

March 30th, 2010

The corner rounder is one of Madeleine’s really useful tools for card making and now there’s a new corner rounder from Woodware that is really big on the corners and, no surprises here then, it’s called the Big Corner Rounder. Don’t you just love it when they call tools by exactly what they do.

We took some Stardream 285gsm card measuring 125mm x 125mm and rounded the corners. The punch went through the Stardream card like a knife through butter – and here’s the result.

New Decoupage for Baby Cards

March 29th, 2010

New from Le Suh comes these decoupage sheets – 1 for a baby boy and 1 for a baby girl. They are just so cute and lovable and ideal for making a card for the new mum or the proud grandparents.

Step into Spring

March 29th, 2010

Step into Spring is the name of these new decoupage sheets from Hunkydory which will give your card making a pretty new edge. You really do feel as if you are stepping into another world – although it will probably be early summer this year rather than spring before we see these sort of flowers growing in our gardens. The pastel colours are just lovely and there are 4 different designs to choose from. Best of all is that they are die cut and you just have to push them out – no cutting needed.

This one is Cottage Garden.

A New Way to Say Happy Birthday

March 29th, 2010

This deep edge punch from Martha Stewart punches a deep Happy Birthday. Punch it using a pretty paper and glue the paper to your card for an effect with a difference.