Aperture Cards

January 31st, 2010

One of our most popular card making products is the aperture cards. The are available with oval, square, rectangular, or triple squares apertures.

Most aperture cards are trifold. That means as well as having a back and a front they also have any extra piece that you glue in place once the work on your aperture is complete. If you are using the aperture for a photo or a piece of embroidery the third side of the card that you glue down not only helps to hold your work in place but also makes the final card look neat.

The 5 x 7 inch cards with the rectangular aperture are often used by photographers as they neatly hold a 4 x 6 inch photo. The photo overlaps the aperture by about half an inch on each side which means you can glue in down firmly in place. Glue the 3rd side of the card over the back of the photo, add a greeting to the front and your card is made. There are lots of occasions you could use photos in card making. How about a photo of your baby for birth announcements or Christening invitations? Or a photo of the happy couple for wedding Thank You cards.

You can use aperture cards not only for photographs but also for embroidery, cross stitch, decoupage and lots of other things. An oval aperture used for decoupage looks particularly attractive if the decoupage is mainly inside the aperture but just a little of it overlapping the edge of the aperture.

You may notice that we sell bubble fronts to fit all of our aperture cards. These are sold separately because for some projects you need a bubble front and for some you don’t. The bubble front is particularly useful if you want to protect your work, for example a piece of embroidery in your aperture card.

One particular use of the aperture card and bubble front used together is the shaker card. What is a shaker card? Well, it’s exactly what it says – you fill the bubble front with bits and pieces and then when it’s made you shake it and the bits go up and down. If you add a few seed beads (the black iridescent seed beads are particularly good for this) it will also rattle when you shake it. Here is an example of a shaker card that Madeleine made using leaves punched with the maple punch.

You could incorporate a photo or a stamped image into the shaker card. For example, Madeleine could have used a photo of autumn trees or a stamped image of a tree instead of just the blank card.

This card was made by Dawn using decoupage and a bubble front.

If you want to you can put a gold or silver border around your aperture by using border peel offs. The best border to peel offs to use with the oval aperture card are either the Narrow Border peel offs or the borders from the Fancy Corners and Fine Borders peel off sheet as being fine they curve easily around the aperture.

Both the autumn leaves shaker card and the elegant lady decoupage card are step by step card making projects in our gallery so why not have a go.