Printing on Pearlised and Iridescent Card & Paper

July 16th, 2010

You need the right type pf printer
The Stardream card, the Iridescent range, and the Metals range is inkjet printable provided you have a printer with a reasonably straight paper path, e.g. those printers where you feed the card in the top and it comes out the bottom. If you have a printer where you feed it through the front and it does a 360 degree turn and comes back out the front then you’ll find it too heavy to make the turn and it will jam.

Remember to adjust your printer settings
It’s likely your printer is set up to handle plain paper, so first you need to go into your printer and select “card”, “heavyweight”, or whatever option suggests the heaviest type of paper for your printer – and printers do vary considerably on these settings so it may be a case of trial and error.
Some printers have a little switch that is on the actual printer rather than in the settings.  It is usually meant for printing envelopes but if you move the switch to the envelope setting you’ll find it will take heavy card more easily.

Stardream Card and Paper
Stardream card and papercan be printed on an inkjet printer but do stick to the pastel colours as although you can print onto Ruby and Onyx it certainly won’t be readable. We have tested Gold and Silver Stardream are both fine to print on and you can read the text.
What you will have a problem with is if you want to print bright colours using Stardream card and paper, e.g. scarlet or vivid purple, as the pearlescent coating prevents this and will always pale the colours. For example, scarlet will come out deep pink. You can get around this to some extent by setting your printer to the Photo Paper setting but the colours will still be slightly muted.

The Metals Pearlised Card and Paper
When using the metals range, i.e. Ice Gold, White Gold and Ice Silver, the gold or silver sheen, depending on which one you are using, appears over the ink – it’s almost as if the ink has slipped underneath the sheen onto the card. So that the print is easy to read we would advise that you choose bold.

The Iridescents
The Iridescent range, Europa Ivory, Cryogen White, and Gold Dust hasn’t any peculiarities that we have come across and all our prints have come out fine.

The card and papers have been tested on both an Epson and a Canon printer where the card was fed in the top and came out the bottom.