Inkjet Printing

October 6th, 2009

Using an Inkjet Printer

Some card makers like to print directly onto the card – others prefer to use inserts. To print directly onto the card you need an inkjet printer that will do this.
Most of the card and paper Craftsite stocks are inkjet printable provided that you have a printer with a reasonably straight paper path, i.e. the type that you feed the paper in at the top and it comes out the bottom. If you have a printer where you feed the paper at the bottom and the paper needs to do a 360 degree turn to come out of the top then it will struggle with most card and I would use paper only.

Cards that aren’t inkjet printable are those cards that have a coated finish – these are nearly always white on the reverse side – such as mirror card, foil card, gloss white and gloss black, matt gold and matt silver.